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Please note: you are booking the registrars’ attendance, and not the venue itself. Once you’ve chosen and booked your venue and you’re ready to book a registrar to attend your ceremony, click below.

Civil Partnership Ceremony Pack

Congratulations on your forthcoming civil partnership.

This page contains your pre-ceremony information.

This information is for couples who have booked civil partnerships in The Council Chamber, Mayor’s Parlour or Richmond Room at the Town Hall, or in approved premises for civil partnerships.

Please start with the ‘Personalising Your Ceremony’ section of our  ‘Your Questions‘ Booklet (opens in a new page).

Once you have read the guidance, please choose from our five different ceremonies. These are in Microsoft Word format:

A – The Purpose of Civil Partnership

B – Will You?

C – Simple Ceremony

D- Ceremony With Rings 1

E – Ceremony With Rings 2

Once you have made your decisions please complete the pre-ceremony organiser and return it at least three weeks before your ceremony, by e-mail to registrars@islington.gov.uk

Pre-ceremony organiser

Even if you are planning to simply sign the documents and would not like to have a ceremony, please complete this form as it will help us to know what you have planned.

If you have further questions at any time please do not hesitate to contact us.