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Joanna Brown Photography

A stylish London wedding and civil partnership photographer; my style of shooting is very relaxed and informal on the day.

I love moments when people are truly able to let down their guard and with every shoot I help create a sincere and relaxed space where that can happen - where my clients can be themselves even amongst the celebration.

It’s a privilege to create images that families will keep forever. It is such a precious moment in your lives to share with the people that you love and I hand on heart want to create beautiful images and memories for all my clients.

Social media: @joannabrownphotos

Lex Fleming Photo

Hi! I'm Lex Fleming, a London wedding photographer that loves awesome, relaxed weddings and civil partnerships. Whether it’s a mad dash on the tube or walking through muddy puddles to your venue, I’m all about your day and how I can help you remember your day with a huge smile.

I specialise in alternative, creative and quirky wedding photography with a good dose of documentary and reportage style. From the highlands of Scotland to the sandy beaches of Australia, I travel the World with my camera and I’m happy to photograph your celebrations regardless of the Continent.

I love photographing weddings and civil partnerships where the main focus isn’t just the couple getting hitched, but all their friends and family that have come out to celebrate their special day. From chatting to the nannas to photographing the total mischief of the friends, I love to get stuck in and blend effortlessly with the day.

You should expect lots of laughs, a helping hand in both the planning and the running of the day, and a lot of bad moves on the dance floor. I’m an expert in button holes, sewing, ironing, drink holding, oh and of course photography!

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September Pictures

HELLO. We’re Rachel and Christopher, and we divide our time between London and Los Angeles.

We shot our first weddings in 2011, after years and years of music festivals. The two have lots in common: everyone’s having the best day ever; there are a million things happening at once; nothing runs on schedule; they usually end with wild dancing.

And like festivals, weddings and civil partnerships aren’t photo shoots: we like to get out of the way and let you cry/hug/dance without even noticing we’re taking your picture. We get to bear witness to everyone’s most emotional moments (and most glamorous hairdos) and create an authentic record of you and your favourite people at your very best.

Our super powers are a) being in two places at once and b) capturing moments without interrupting them.

So, a few weeks after your hangovers have worn off, we’ll present you with the full story of your big day so you can relive the best bits forever and ever. Magic.

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