Wedding Rings

Ruth Tomlinson

A contemporary fine jewellery brand creating ethereal jewellery imbued with an otherworldly sense of a bygone era.

Offering a timeless alternative to the traditional world of engagement rings and wedding bands, Ruth Tomlinson provides a selection of beautifully handmade wedding and engagement rings as well as a bespoke service for those seeking something more personal. Each ring is unique and hand crafted for the wearer, designed to offer a natural, refined beauty that flourishes over time and with wear.

Studio W3, Cockpit Arts
Cockpit Yard, Northington Street
London WC1N 2NP
(open by appointment only on Thursdays and Fridays)

Instagram: @ruthtomlinsonjewellery
Facebook: /ruthtomlinsonjewellery
Twitter: @ruthtomlinson

Laura Lee Jewellery

Laura Lee is run by free-thinking, independent women and our clientele are no different.

We understand each of our customers has a unique story to tell and in turn our jewellery can be customised and personalised to reflect the differences in all of us.

Working with unusual cuts of diamonds and coloured stones Laura has created a range of unique rings which just might be exactly what you were dreaming of!

The boutique’s fabulous antique cabinets are now home to many more diamonds and precious gemstone pieces, ready to complete your wedding story.

Laura offers a highly personal bespoke consultation service where customers meet with Laura to discuss ideas which can then be made real, by her and her team of goldsmiths in her Bloomsbury workshop.

Laura Lee Jewellery
42 Monmouth Street


Noemi Klein

Noemi Klein has fused craft, artisanal workmanship and her unique minds eye to create objects of great subtlety but with a sincere pronouncement of desire.

She combines her attention to detail and fascination with fancy tools with finding an outlet for her love of precious materials and unusual imagery, taking inspiration from nature, landscape, art and architecture.

We make wedding and engagement rings to order. Our bespoke service is very personal and involves an initial consultation at our studio in Shoreditch, where you can peruse samples and tell us more about any ideas or needs, such as incorporating stones from heirloom pieces as well as any personal design concepts.

26 Sunbury Workshops
Swanfield Street
E2 7LF (by appointment)

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