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Please note: due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are not able to book any new ceremonies at the moment. Please check back to this page at the end of May 2020 for an update.

Bespoke Products and Services

Rockabelly Lifecasts

Rockabelly Lifecasts are a multi-award winning artist duo in Kent that specialise in the creation of bespoke lifecast (bodycast) sculptures and fine art gifts.

Our wedding couple hand clasp sculptures capture the moment you and your beloved join hands in life and love in exquisite detail, creating a piece of art utterly unique to you and immortalising one of life’s most precious and romantic memories.

You can be cast with or without your rings and in a variety of poses and material finishes from bronze to lead crystal glass. We also create larger bespoke body cast sculptures for our clients as surprise bride or groom gifts that they will never be expecting.

Turn your love into art!