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Pink Daisy Weddings

We are Pink Daisy Wedding Photographers. Started by wedding and lifestyle photographer Paige Birnie in 2014, Pink Daisy has now grown to have 10+ amazing wedding photographers based in and around London that shoot in different styles – vintage, classic, modern, documentary – so you can find the perfect photographer to suit your day.

We have full day packages available, as well as smaller ½ day packages and hourly rates. Choose from one of our award-winning photographers or one of our younger, talented, up & coming shooters if you are on a bit more of a budget.

Visit our website to view our photographer’s portfolios. Contact us to see which of our photographers are available for your day!

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Peter Chamberlain Photography

Hi my name is Peter Chamberlain and I am a wedding photographer based in London. I also shoot a wide range of photography which has allowed me to travel worldwide and have shot weddings in South Africa, India as well as all over the UK.

I like to be considered as a documentary wedding photographer. It is a style that is also known as reportage or wedding photojournalism.

My approach simply means that I like to document the "real" story of your special day. I’m not interested in dragging you away from your friends and family in order to do a photoshoot with you. Its the little things and the pure love for each other that makes your day what it is and I believe in capturing it for you to cherish.

Feel free to check out my website and I will be happy to answer any question you may have. Thanks for taking the time to read this and lets chat soon.

September Pictures

HELLO. We’re Rachel and Christopher, and we divide our time between London and Los Angeles.

We shot our first weddings in 2011, after years and years of music festivals. The two have lots in common: everyone’s having the best day ever; there are a million things happening at once; nothing runs on schedule; they usually end with wild dancing.

And like festivals, weddings and civil partnerships aren’t photo shoots: we like to get out of the way and let you cry/hug/dance without even noticing we’re taking your picture. We get to bear witness to everyone’s most emotional moments (and most glamorous hairdos) and create an authentic record of you and your favourite people at your very best.

Our super powers are a) being in two places at once and b) capturing moments without interrupting them.

So, a few weeks after your hangovers have worn off, we’ll present you with the full story of your big day so you can relive the best bits forever and ever. Magic.

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Olliver Photography Ltd.


We are Annie and Christian Olliver, also known as Olliver Photography. We’ve been shooting reportage, documentary style weddings in London and the rest of the UK for 10 years.

Our style is very relaxed, informal and friendly. We will capture the narrative of your day, at a distance. No pushy, cheesy, posey shots. This allows us to achieve natural images, inspired by light and true moments.

We draw on many influences but we are mostly inspired by the couple themselves and what is important to them, as well as setting. At an urban location in London, we are inspired by the local architecture, vibrancy of the people around, and those details that make a place special. The brickwork, street art or a canal, perhaps. Further afield, at a chateaux wedding, we’re inspired by the rolling landscape, fields of sunflowers as far as the eye can see, the stone of the chateaux, sunlit lemon trees, and shafts of light hitting tile flooring. A sense of place helps to frame the whole experience of the day.

An obsession with little details, and an understanding of how natural light can lift a subject from something ordinary to something beautiful.

Instagram: @olliverphotography

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